I’m going to circle down

January 12, 2014


I’m in another city. It’ll be a year since I moved here pretty soon.

I want to come back to my blog so that I can come back to remembering how important it is to strive for happiness. I want to conquer my feelings against this new city just like I did with the last one. I forgot to try somewhere along the way. I want to pick away at some tiny goals and set my intentions so that when I move onto my next challenge I can feel satisfied with how I dealt with this challenge.

My happiness here stands on a few different pillars. I’m here mainly for my career. I want to shine and stand out. This is the first pillar. Community and connections has to be next. It has always been and forever will be the air in which my soul breathes. Home are the people that love me and I will not be at home until I establish those connections. I thrive on having that sort of support system. Family isn’t always determined through blood and genes. This city is lacking my home, my family, and my soul is starving. And so we have another pillar. Next is my health. Eating well and taking care of my body must be a priority. It’s a slippery slope when I start becoming this sedentary. And finally personal growth. I want to dig deeper and push myself further. I hate how much effort it takes for me to convince myself to get off the couch or out of bed.

Career goals for this week (Tips from Nice Girls Don’t Get the Corner Office):

#1 – Apologize less. I often apologize when I’ve done nothing wrong. If I want respect in my work environment I need to be more assertive. I will only apologize for things I’ve done wrong and I will focus my apologies into an objective assessment of what went wrong and how to fix it.
#2 – Don’t laugh or smile when the situation doesn’t call for it. I want to discriminate how and when I smile. I want to be taken more seriously.

Non career goal:

#3 – Don’t watch any tv on Monday.

The intention I want to set for this week is to be tolerant, compassionate and grateful.

Namaste ❤