I hope I never forget to be brave. I’ve been falling in love with snowboarding. I sometimes hate pushing myself outside of my comfort zone… but when I do the pay off is invaluable. I feel lucky.



This week I learned about second chances and forgiveness. Sometimes I’m quick to judge and it’s hard to let go of those judgments. I hate that about myself.

This next week I want to practice patience and understanding. My intention is to teach and to be understood.

I also want to continue with my fitness goals. Lots of fruit and veg, working out… and I am committing to one session of hot yoga. We have a fitness challenge going on at work and I plan to win! 😉 Finally and most importantly I want to treat myself this week to a massage and at least one Ted talk.

I was inspired this week. I hope I can keep these good vibes going. Life feels best when inspired. It’s like I’m holding my breath, and inspiration is that gasp of air when it feels like I’m running out of time… I just wish I could breathe more regularly. What if someday my last bit of creativity suffocates? I’m not quite sure how to keep the momentum. I want my life to be colorful and beautiful. I want to find meaning and inspiration. And I want to conquer my most dreaded yoga pose. AND GO.