Having a great night. I mean… it’s a Monday night, but life is good. I spent the weekend at folk festival surrounded by awesome people.

Worked out a tiny bit tonight. Attempted the sideways leg thing again… my right leg hates it. My left leg does a bit better. One of my yoga instructors once told us that we were all connected at the roots, but that our branches all sway differently in the breeze. It’s true. I try to apply that to all things. Like I have this habit of believing that everyone thinks and feels things the same way that I do… but honestly, we all sway differently. Not everyone thinks like me. I’d probably hazard to guess that most people don’t think like me. I’m part 4 year old, part woman and a whole lot of girl brain. I’ve been hurt and puzzled by people’s actions in the past when I couldn’t accept that maybe we’re just fundamentally different. Hey, that guy just sways differently than I do. And that’s okay.

By the way if you’re going to be swaying in the breeze you should be wearing one of these dresses. I just bought one at folk fest and I swear I will be living in this little gem for the rest of the summer.


I’ve been thinking a lot lately about love and connections. Over-analyzing as I sometimes like to do… like what is IT about nevada? All of a sudden he stopped me in my tracks. I was so pumped about embarking on this single, independent and empowered adventure that I had set in my mind. And then all of a sudden he’s all that I can think about. I mean, I get the whole physical attraction thing and I know we’re all chemical soups… but there has got to be something more. Something just pulls me towards him. There’s this whole new bright and shiny place in my heart that makes me think that maybe I’ve just uncovered the stuff of a lifetime of happiness. It’s pretty unreal.

Good night everyone!

PS – If you’re falling in love too maybe you’ll want to listen to some Fray. ❤


Time of your song

July 27, 2012

I’ve been a terrible blogger and yogi this summer! I’m been quite inactive. For me, it’s like this horrible, horrible task when I’m getting back into yoga and working out. DESPITE the fact that I know in my head that EVERY time I conquer that hurdle I eventually hit a sweet spot and it becomes an addiction for me. Well today I did a little downward dog, eagle’s pose, dancer’s pose… and even my yoga foe pose… the dreaded sideways leg balance. The pose that I’ve pulled my muscle in attempting a handful of times. Even during my yoga hate phase I still feel drawn to that pose! WHY? Either way, I’ll hit that sweet spot again. I’m just being patient with myself. And forgiving. That’s really what it comes down to anyhow. Oh yeah… and the perky bum and defined legs are a plus too… maybe I should try harder….

On the flipside, I am still falling deeply in love with Calgary. I am surrounded by people that I have come to really care about. I love who they are and who I am when I am with them.

When wandering around some of my favorite spots in Calgary I think to myself that … here I am, I am doing it. I’ve found all this space and freedom. I’ve done the thing that I never thought I could do… I moved away on my own with my heart-breakingly sentimental heart. I think of my friends and family on my solo explorations and I carry them with me. Mandy would love this secondhand shop. Teresa would be excited about this boutique. I would eat here with Kathleen and Jackie. I wonder what Aaron and Rick are up to. Do they miss me right now? My heart swells with how much I love these people who are so far away. But we’re doing okay, my heart and me.

Speaking of my heart. That boy. I carry his smile with me and the way that he looks at me.

I leave you with another song list:

Time of your song, Matisyu
Camera, Matt and Kim
Will do, tv on the radio
Deep inside of you, third eye blind
Look after you, the fray
Radioactive, imagine dragons
Two coins, dispatch