Sorry for my absence blog! Ankle is sprained (AGAIN). I tore through a ligament so now I’m in a brace and off yoga and hiking for at least 4 weeks. For now I can do downward dog.

I couldn’t stop myself from writing just now. I am cuddled up in a blanket watching a beautiful thunderstorm outside our screen door. I think I’m falling in love with Calgary right now. I’m listening to ‘Trampled by Turtles’, ‘Head and the Heart’, and ‘Locomotive Ghost’.

You need to check out the song ‘One more night’. I listen to it on the reg.

You don’t know that last week I went to a music festival at the Gorge in Washington State. I met a lot of beautiful people, listened to some amazing music, and realized some feelings for a wonderful guy. He lives in Nevada so songs like, ‘One more night’ make me think of him. It all recharged my soul and I feel ready to take on this new city!

I love the smell of the air right now. I love the way that thunderstorms clean the air. Cheers to yet another new beginning.
Things are pretty happy right now.

I leave you with a song list!

Rivers and Roads – Trampled by Turtles
Down in the Valley – Trampled by Turtles
Lost in my Mind – Trampled by Turtles
Alone – Head and the Heart
Wait so Long – Head and the Heart
Safe and Sound – Taylor Swift
Shake it Out – Florence and the Machine
Some Nights – Fun
Dark Days – Punch Brothers
And it’s relevant so…. Let it Rain – Amanda Marshall