My yoga challenge

May 11, 2012

Are there any poses that you find extra challenging, yet you’re determined to go deeper, stretch further, reach higher?

Utthita Hasta Padangustasana (Extended hand-to-big toe) is that pose for me. What am I missing? For weeks I was trying to stretch all muscles that I thought were relevant to this pose. My roommates would walk into the living room and catch me begging and pleading with my leg to do as I was asking. ‘Just go up and then go sideways! Everyone in class can do it, why won’t you listen?!’ The pose just intrigues me! And even more intriguing is why my body refuses to comply! I felt like I was finally making some headway when… bam! pulled a muscle in my right hamstring… or something ouchy happened in that vicinity. Whatever it was – it hurt. Next week, I’m starting from scratch and trying to convince my body that this is something we want and like to do. Any advice on how to warm up and build up to this pose?

PS – Happy Friday everybody!!! 🙂

**Pic from Ihanayoga**


Missing yoga more than ever. I was considering an easy hot yoga class tonight, but maybe I will wait until next week. Ankle is still a bit more swollen and sore than I would like. Considering a private class as well; I think it would really pay off to have some extra TLC!

While I’m off the matt I’m thinking of all the poses I miss, and the ones I want to try or improve on. I love finding out other people’s favorite poses! If anyones out there I’d love to hear from you!

I’ll narrow it down to just three for me! 😉
And I’m convinced that if I use the proper names I’ll someday be able to pronounce them!

Natarajasana (dancer’s) – Makes me want to extend outside of my own body! Leg out out out up up up, and arm and gaze up into the sky!

Virabhadrasa I (warrior) – I feel strong, able and thankful in this one.

Garudasana (eagle) – Does anyone else feel like this is such a quietly beautiful pose?

I don’t really know the philosophy behind any of these poses, but I know how I feel in them.

I was somewhere in Nova Scotia when the stars aligned. I wasn’t sure if I liked their alignment, but I decided I had to jump in for better or for worse. I was comfortable. Beyond comfortable I can say I was happy, although the past is always polished and a lot shinier looking than it may have actually been.  I was still in Nova Scotia when my yoga instructor said something along the lines of us having to continually move, to push past our comfort zone and to grow in those moments. I was certain then that I had made the right decision to move myself across the country to Calgary. To move. To push myself outside my comfort zone. To grow. This was a big deal for me and a monumental challenge that I faced alone, because I left all my loved ones back in Nova Scotia, and I left the ocean back in Nova Scotia. In an attempt to find myself I have decided to embrace yoga as much as I can and to continue to explore my new surroundings. If I can infuse my life with some kind of fearless ness and peace then I have achieved more than I have ever hoped for. I’m stumbling along my path, holding on to shanti pathas, clumsily throwing myself into warrior’s pose and trying to remember gratitude and respect in my most frustrating or hopeless moments.

Love. I love the ocean in all its forms. People often take their surroundings for granted, like some of the people who I have met here in Alberta who take the mountains for granted. I can gladly say that I have never lost sight of how beautiful the ocean is. On rainy and grey days, at night with lights reflecting off its surface and on sunny large skied days. When the ocean sparkles I am enthralled. I have connected many things and many people to the ocean, and they’re all tiny secrets and memories that make me smile knowingly every time its waters come into view.

 My wonderful friends and family. Horses. Dogs. Giraffes and elephants. All of these things I keep safe in my heart.

Thunderstorms are another one of my tiny secrets. In the midst of pouring rain, thunder and lightening I feel closest and most in tune with the world. I vibrate with excitement and contentment. Miracles happen in thunderstorms.

The lesson that I continue to learn in love and struggle to practice in love is that you must give it away without obligations and expectations. Like most things you have to throw it into the universe and simply accept its existence. For better or for worse. I spent most of my life trying to mold it, persuade it, hide it, and make it. Matters of the heart cannot be controlled or manipulated, and I think I’ve found peace in going with the current instead of against.

I’m just a 27 year old girl who moved to Alberta almost 2 months ago. I’m afraid of the dark, spiders and currently I’m even scared of yoga because of my sprained ankle. The road to fearlessness and peace starts here!