Can you chase the fire away

October 15, 2016

In my journey to find more gratitude and feel more alive I’m reminding myself of some of the moments in life that have made me feel most alive and I’ll carry them with me through the dark:

At the gazebo with my family running around in the field with sparklers after Terri-Lynn’s first wedding. We had a picnic with leftover reception food. I was 14 maybe.

My first riding lesson when I walked into the barn and Tommy was in the cross-ties. The smell and sound of horses.

Sitting on the bridge with Robyn, Kathleen, Dhiogo, Fernando and I think a few others were there too.


Singing on the swings with Kathleen at the park during some community event.

Cantering on Scotty.

Nights in the paddock with Spirit and Maximus. I owe my life to Spirit

Going over multiple jumps on Finnegan with my eyes closed, feet out of the stirrups and arms raised and spread out in the air. It felt like I was flying.

That time I had a connection with the giraffe at the Toronto zoo

Walking up the steps of my college for the first time I visited it with mom and dad beside the bangle lancers

Fireworks in Trenton

Singing ‘say it ain’t so’ at karaoke at the Oasis

The last night we were in Annie the musical and the after party.

Sledding at the ballpark

The thunderstorm and talking to Jared on skype.

The thunderstorm when I lived with Michelle, and us drinking tea on the porch.


The ovens.

First Sasquatch.

The redwoods.

Walking through the ocean in New Brunswick.


Amanda Marshall concert.

Our lady peace during the concert in Hali.

Singing and dancing on some empty stage at NSSSA.

Belting out head and the heart on the Amalfi Coast.

Playing the harmonica at the hostel we stayed at one new years.

Slam dunk your junk green day cover band.

Gramma’s house with Kathleen with the trampoline and book about carrots.

Me, Kathleen and Fernando going outside one early morning in the fog and there were the prettiest halflingers next door.

Falling in love.

Seeing Jeremy & Gerald at the drive-inn

Playing manhunt in my neighborhood