I see stars for us

October 17, 2016

Maybe I’ll take violin lessons. And voice lessons.

I’ve always felt like there was something musical inside of me trying to break out. But I always get bored and give up. Not anymore.

I remember being a little girl in old Mr Cosh’s backyard which bordered on our backyard. I remember Mr Cosh as being a very nice and patient old guy. I think he looked older than he actually was because in later years I learned he was a raging alcoholic. But he was musical. He could play every instrument. I liked having talks with Mr Cosh when I was out exploring the neighborhood and one day he told me he would teach me to play whatever I wanted. We started with a little guitar which was fun and then one day he put his violin in my hands and he told me to just play. And I couldn’t believe he wasn’t instructing me – he just put it in my hands and told me to play whatever I thought was inside of my heart. And after I finished he told me and later told my parents that I had taken his breath away  the first time on the violin. I felt it too. I paid Mr Cosh back by making him a friendship bracelet.

And if you fast forward to when I was in a hostel with a bunch of friends Leah gave me her harmonica and she told just to do with it what felt right while Mike Buckley played my favorite Head and the Heart song called Down in the Valley. People told me I gave them the chills playing that harmonica and it was totally unexpected.

I’m proud of those moments.

And looking back as I listen to Down in the Valley I realize now that I think I knew the song so well that I was mimicking the violin parts with my harmonica.

And the violin always takes my breath away.

My mom had a mid-life crisis and took up drumming. Mid-life crisis, I’m coming for you!


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